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When I set out to create these timepieces I had a hunch that it would be therapeutic for myself and potentially for many others. 

I had no idea that it would inspire the sort of responses you are about to read.

Each response below is from two  anonymous  surveys I've sent to owners of The Present Day and The Present Year





What is the primary benefit of living with The Present?  

What can we learn from a timepiece like this?

What do you like about living with The Present?




I think it's great, maybe even the best tool to help you realize that time and life is precious. 

The benefit is connecting to a more emotionally meaningful orientation of time.

A sense of place in the world, a history of the universe. 

It is a reminder to breathe.

A daily reminder of how to think in longer arcs of time.

It's art. It's neat. It's as close as I want to get to a regular clock.


Experiencing relativity. 

I truly appreciate the point of view it offers, it's beautiful and I am proud to have it on my wall. 

Reduces stress.

It's an at-a-glace-reminder of the value of time.

A new perception of time.

A more meaningful relationship with time.

It makes me more grateful for the opportunities and changes that occur in my life.

A calm that stems from a longer point of view on time.

An invaluable way to mark your progress throughout the year.

The artistic pleasure and wonderful aesthetics of the device.

It inspires me every time I look at it.

Calms me down on the occasions when I need calming.

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A better visual representation of time its long form.

Being a vibrant, functional art-piece for the living room, it sets a meditative tone of stillness.

Our whole family now has a sense of respect and is conscious of time in a holistic way.

The feeling of having something so valuable that very few others have or have even heard about yet.

Gives time context, perspective. 

To keep time in front of me, it keeps me focused.


The Present helped me escape the rat race of time and feel that I am no longer a slave to time - I am free. So many other benefits too... countless benefits... but you asked for the primary one and that's it for me.

It allows us to look at the bigger picture more easily.

Beauty. I love how beautiful The Present Year is and how it reminds me of the continuum of the seasons all at once. My son is growing up so fast and it helps remind me that time is also slow. There is this funny juxtaposition between the stillness of The Present and how fast my child is growing. We love it.

Being an elegant sculpture is the benefit.

A daily view.. a gentle reminder. Teaching others, through good design, how an idea can be powerfully embodied. 

We use it to start conversations that morph into deep discussions on the nature of time with friends.

The Present is a "think different" statement on the wall of our living room, triggering conversations on "why" and time itself.

Nothing in particular... I just like it!

Meditating on The Present recently it dawned on me that I feel happiest in the flow of making something. Not when it's live, on air, on screen, in front of my eyes. We are raised to believe there will be a specific marker, where the final culmination of the work would provide some satisfactory feeling. Our world often sets up our lives to aim for these measures, whether it's a diploma, a title, a salary, a recognition, yet my entire life those never provided me with the magical feeling of simply being in it. That's what The Present points to for me, the timeless time of life as it happens.

It helps me stay grounded.

A spaciousness of time, a connection to the seasons, an enjoyment of the colors, a wonderful talking point, a gift to give others.

My boyfriend and I just celebrated our first anniversary and it was thrilling to see it play out on The Present as it approached the "greenish/yellow area".

It makes me more conscious of the natural world: seasons, weather, my garden. Honestly, when I look at it I immediately think of my garden and all the things I have going on in there.

Clues me in to a sense of time that I might have missed.

It has truly made me think about and appreciate time in a whole new way. What's more beneficial than that! I'm so grateful that I was a small part of making it a reality. We treasure The Present.

It is similar to Chi-Gong or meditation, it cools you down.

For us it's been all about the educational value for the kids, the seasons, time, the year and where their birthdays are on the cycle of life.

Calm. Acceptance.

A better understanding of change, the time it takes to effect change and an appreciation of change itself. 

Being able to follow my wife's pregnancy and the growth of our child using this revolutionary time piece.

Other than it being a beautifully designed art piece for the home? It grants me access to larger sense of now, right now.

In contrast to a watch, at which you look to determine how much time you have left, I look at The Present Year to see where I am now. In time. Although it doesn't move visibly, sometimes I feel that it has moved substantially.

A welcome sense of surprise about time.

Time goes slower at home.

The sense that every now and then I feel like I have enough/more time in my life.

A new concept of time.

A sense of peace, stillness.

It makes me smile.

An artistic approach to life and time.

People coming into my office and really getting the message in a profound way when I explain it to them.

The year used to be a rush of months and weeks zooming by, always constrained within boxes. You know, the boxes of a calendar, with the dark black lines saying this day is here, this week is next, predictably there will be another picture when flip over to next month's box. Time becomes stuck in compartments and boxes. But The Present removed the borders, the constraints. I LOVE that about the clock. It's a ballerina's pirouette, a swan's glide, a breeze with no beginning or end.

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Sense of place in the universe.

I love the idea. I think it's kind of absurd. It's beautiful and made with a great deal of care. It's not a clock as much as it is a slow moving piece of conceptual art. A signpost to an idea.

I'm having trouble explaining the personal benefits I've gained from The Present, but I know I have have definitely gained a different perception of time.

I can now consider seasons as units of time. 

I like to feel the cycle of the year as an actual cycle in a way a calendar just can't do. Feeling the seasons as a continuous wheel...

Aesthetic enjoyment.

The most important moments in life can be traced back to a location on the dial each year. Our kids have taken a keen interest to planning their next adventure by guessing where on the color spectrum the dial will sit when depart or return. 

It has made me more introspective of my days. Is what I'm doing worth the day it's being given?

It a beautiful piece of thoughtful tech art.

A major shift in my perspective of time.

It gives me hope that Spring is on its way soon.

Visual beauty, an emotional and psychic connection with time.

Seeing it and getting the feeling of "when" I am. That's priceless mate.

I have learned to enjoy the moment more and realize how much of my life was all too busy before.

An awareness of time on a grand scale, devoid of the need to consider my next appointment/commitment.

First of all, it's gorgeous. Keeps me in a wider moment. I try to remember where I was last year around the same time and think how I was different/same, how was the day different/same. Usually people only reflect like that on their birthdays or a special holiday. The Present offers me a holistic mindfulness of time all the time. This mindfulness had helped me truly enjoy what I'm doing either alone, or with friends.

Being able to connect to NOW in a whole new way. Remembering that time is a mechanical tool that can be measured in many ways.


It's a reminder to be more aware of the moment and that moment's value and complexity. 

It brings me a sense of peace and enlightens the room.  

People asking WTF!

To me, it's much a piece of art as it is a timepiece. I actually have it hung on my wall as part of an art arrangement. It fits in perfectively. You should market it to the art loving world in addition to what I imagine could be many other markets.

It is calming and moves my focus out a bit from the day-to-day. I also find it to be a lovely object to look at. 

It's allowed me to better gauge time itself.

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A great conversation starter.

A new experience of time!

It's mental. You did it. Congratulations.

The Present is a reminder to stop every day. It helps me find some grounding or a moment of reflection, a good thought, a deep breath... every day we have to be reminded to do this, or else keep going and going lose track of the days, years, sense...  so walking into my house every day, when I see The Present Year I try to stop and take notice of something, of today.

Helps me stop and note where I am in my relationship with time. It confirms a personal sense that time is more circular and spiral than linear. 

I can watch the world go by because I feel more control of time, it's a new awareness that has leveled up my perception of now.

I feel more connected to where I am in time now, thanks!

It helps me focus and center myself.

It's a lovely art piece that spices up my office but it also has a purpose.

Stopping to think of the value of time and what's important to do in life instead of it just slipping by unnoticed.

I find it can remind me, on occasion, of the bigger picture. 

An impressive conversation piece which I'm asked about frequently. 

A new sense of scale of time in my life.

I love talking about it, explaining it to people and seeing their reaction to it. 

A better sense of what is urgent and what is not in my life.

A way to plan in bigger picture ways.

A more nuanced awareness of time and more frequent opportunities to reflect on the pacing of my life/routines, the seasons. I find myself having a more holistic higher-level view of time.

A higher awareness of time and based on that I feel more in control of my time — and not just overwhelmed by the speed of our lives. I have it in my office and get a lot of comments and unique conversations from colleagues.

I'm a bit of a go-hard and can be prone to anxiety. It's nice for me to have something physical like the clock around as a reminder that there's no huge rush. The problem with knowing this about myself is that I often forget to step back and see the bigger picture but with The Present I have a constant reminder to give myself a bit more time.

It makes a great aesthetic piece and gives us a laugh when we register that it's moved a lot.

Slowing down enough to write letters to my parents. 

It has helped me to make me and my staff more aware of the importance of The Present and to allow our thinking to escape common paradigms.

The entire year at a glance.

Seeing where I am in life and feeling how I have moved forward. 

Being in the presence of a full-hearted art object. 

A conscious thought to slow down and think about how we only have this moment, not the past, not the future, only the present, only this. 

I got one for my mom who is on the opposite coast. We often take photos of The Present Year and send them to each other. Even though we are so far away, on the face of The Present the hand is in the same place on both of our clocks. 

A wide vision of time and of life itself. 

The special view of the unfolding year and several fun conversations. 

The joy of owning something so totally unique as well as all the conversations about The Present Year and why I would want to have an annual timepiece.

Gives me my own sense of where I am in time and what is important.

Good conversation starter for awkward family visits. Also, I like clocks and the concept of time a lot so I do enjoy looking at it after some time and noticing how much/little the arm has moved relative to how much I think it should have. 

Sense of exclusivity and satisfaction that I contributed to its development and production. I've never had such an intimate knowledge of how much goes into making something like this and that makes it even more special.

Remembering that what I'm feeling/going through/experiencing is momentary. Whether what I am experiencing is good or bad, it doesn't matter. Either I think to appreciate it more, or if it's somehow bad, it will soon be over too, all things must pass. 

It's an object that radiates light and wonder into my environment, it's a subtle albeit constant reminder that time moves as slowly as it does quickly. It is in many ways, the ultimate perspective provider.

I LOVE The Present Year! It has shifted my perspective in a really cool way. I am slowing down and focusing on the here and now in more profound ways. 

Whenever I need some perspective from the hectic day, I turn to The Present.

It’s a reminder to savor the passing of the seasons. To slow down, observe and tune in with the more gradual changes of life.

Reminder to stop and help me think about where I am in the course of the year.

The Present has opened up a conversation with my toddler about the orbit of the earth, the solstices and equinoxes, and following the seasons, thank you.

Appreciating the seasons - each is unique.

What I love about the present is: 

- the overall idea and the design execution (i am a visual guy not numerical)

- time as a linear concept only does not appeal to me, though i love watches and clocks. it simply is not - in my understanding - connected with the human nature and the relevance of seasonal changes (being from finland where seasons and time are very closely linked with light and thereby colours)

- time in my understanding is not ticking/running/moving ahead but slowly flowing. the present wonderfully visualizes this to me.

- the present is not pointing at me and saying “due day is coming“, “you are running out of time“, “end of month bills are coming soon“ etc. In a gentle way it tells me " hey, seasons are what matters most in your life and not your daily/weekly/monthly business calendar in the first place“.

- in the last 11 strange months time surely is crucial to flatten curves etc. but man cannot tell nature to set and follow deadlines. nature is totally independent from man’s concept of time. The Present shows nature’s concept of time.

ThePresent has helped me work out where "I am" in time.

Everyone asks about it and I love telling them it’s one of a kind.

My favorite thing is The Spark of Joy I get when I see it and realize I have forgotten to look for awhile. It’s always a pleasant surprise! Thank you for the gift of The Present.

For me, the benefit is a reminder to spend time wisely.

It gives a better sense of the flow of annual time. It's also a great conversation piece.  People are always impressed. It has allowed me to appreciate more fully our connection with the sun. Being in the now is a great gift - a present!

When I got the Present, I was a little skeptical. Within a few days it had already made a profound difference in my life. I had been trapped between the feelings that there was never enough time in the day and that there will always be tomorrow. Neither actually being true. 

It gave me an appreciation of what could be accomplished over the course of a few days, weeks, and eventually months and seasons of persistence. It is so simple yet so radical. 

It has helped me become more patient... my plants don't die now.

We love that it's a reminder of how quickly/slowly time goes by and have marked the back with special dates for our family.

Friends often comment when they come to visit "Oh, the last time I was here, it was in the green!" etc..  It's neat to hear their perspective on this time-keeping device.

Thank you for bringing joy into this world. You have in my eyes completed the trinity of alternate time keeping, I freaking love it, its breathtaking in every shape and form. I would like to thank you for creating something truly unique and bringing these amazing clocks to life. 

I do love whenever somebody tells me "hey, your clock is broken." :)

To de-optimize our lives, because optimization happens by design of how we've structured modern society.

Changing people's perspective of time is, in my opinion, a great gift.

It helps me reflect on where I really am and what lies ahead.

The Present has helped me enjoy what was behind and look forward to what is next.

Having a visual prompt to be in the moment is a gift.

It makes me more mindful of time and seasons. In a very real way it connects me with the cycle of life.

The sense that each day feels more connected to the year.

It places life and time in perspective and it gives me room to see what is really important.

A funny thing I noticed, hanging ThePresent Year and The Present Day next to each other: Every day there is this one moment that both hands point in the same direction. In winter that would be in the morning. And I would happen to look at the clocks at that moment almost every single day. Recently I "discovered" that there will also be a moment every day that both hands are in opposite directions. That moment of pointing in the same or opposite directions follows its own cycle. I find that pretty interesting. Feels like a special moment to see the seasons and hours line up. It connects them.

I love colors, so being able to see the full spectrum makes me happy.

It’s a subtle reminder to Be Here Now. Slow down. You are here.


It is one of my favorite objects and will always travel with me through time.

It's made me more aware and grateful of the nature of time.

Shows me how to stay centered and put the world into perspective.

I would be lost without this as a constant. I love this piece because I am consistently reminded of the bigger picture. As important as "the present moment" is (and trust me I'm all about that), I am also acutely aware of how what we do "now" affects the whole.

It's not "Oh, it's 8:15 and I have to get the kids to school". It's more like: Where are we in the cycle of the planet? What has happened over the past few months? What needs to happen now, and how might that impact the rest of the year? Or, the rest of the world, for that matter?

This timepiece is an embodiment of the concept of the individual in relation to the collective. It's a measurement of time (and progress) that forces me to think more holistically.

It's akin to my old therapy sessions, where my therapist would point out things and say something like: "A couple years ago, you said "x" and now you do "y". Do you see how you've changed and grown?" This timepiece brings me a sense of calm, of knowing that the world is bigger than me. That things will happen whether or not I am alive, or think I'm in control, or whether or not I even do something, or lose someone I love. Life keeps going...it does not end with us, nor care if we check off everything on our "to-do" list that day. It just is. Here. Now. The Present is of special assistance at all times.

I would just add a hearty THANK YOU for making it.

It's one of my favorite things.


It has helped me wonder about the nature of time throughout the year and makes me smile because of that beautiful idea.

Simply enjoying the present.

My 2 kids were born shortly after i got the clock 7 years ago. Both of them grew up seeing the present every day so for them it's completely normal to see the current season on a clock. It made it easy for us to teach them the full extent of a yearly timespan and they exactly know where their birthdays are located on the clockface.

It helps me to appreciate time more often. To physically see the year play out in this way is a positive reminder to really use your time for meaningful things. It's also a perfect conversation starter and it just looks awesome on the center spot of my kitchen wall since 7 years.

They are constants in our lives and it has been a constant in the last crazy couple of months. Not much has stayed the same so the clocks, we have both, are very reassuring. Just a big thanks for making these! It's been my favourite kickstarter project and the present is one of my favourite objects in life. I look at it every day and it gives me joy every time I do!

It reminds me of how I was and what I was concerned with around the same point in the year. It also reminds me where I am in the calendar year, which feels different from a segmented annual calendar.

What I constantly learn from it is all the perspectives I do not attend to when I'm jolted out of my daily transactional and tactical perspective each time I glance at The Present. It really is a present, a gift, that I receive each time I see it.

The repeated attention to how the passing of time varies and how the next deadline will also pass. I also appreciate your periodic posts and look forward to your future projects. I like the way you think and explore. So, thank you for that. Stay safe and be well.

Patience and a new sense of proportionality to time.

Calmness in the face of continuous deadlines.

I ordered the Present through Kickstarter because I had just gotten a new job in a windowless basement office.  I lost/escaped that job before the Present arrived.  But since then I have worked mostly from home, often from my basement.  So it continues to fulfill its original intended purpose to provide a window to the cycles of nature in a windowless environment.

It has been an invaluable tool for conversations and reflections on life and time in our household.

It has helped me exactly in the way you conceived it: from time to time I look at it and I'm able to understand all the time that went through since the beginning of the year and I'm able to value all the things I did (or didn't) during that period.

That time is valuable in ways I was unable to appreciate without The Present.

It really helps my kids understand when key dates in the year are like nothing else can.

I’ve loved it since I pledged my money. You’re a genius! Literally no one knows what it is, they all think it’s a clock whose time is off. It gives me great satisfaction. Thanks for the years of enjoyment.

Time exists and can be measured in more than just seconds.

It’s a great piece of living art.

For me it’s been a new way to connect with Mother Earth.

It helps me appreciate the seasons even more.

It tells me and reminds me of the time - not our usual human time measured in hours, but what's the time for Earth in space.

By representing the seasons, it is a connection to the Outdoors even when we are locked down inside.

Balance, self awareness, appreciation.

Hey Scott, I have been a proud first backer on Kickstarter back in 2011 if I recall correctly. I bought one myself and one for my best friend Michiel. While Michiel has the clock as a centrepiece in his own company's office, mine just recently came out of the original box, 7 years after receiving it.

While I absolutely loved the clock, my wife didn't really thought it enhanced our living space at the time. So it never found a proper way into my home and basically my life. Once in a while I've opened the box and gave it another attempt, but without success. One of the things I loved about it was the rainbow-colors. The rainbow has been a symbolism throughout my life. Before I was born, my granddad passed away. And while my mom was driving my aunts to the funeral a huge rainbow appeared. My mom told my (at the time) 14 year old aunt that it was a sign of her dad (my granddad). My mom passed away when I was 12 years old. On the day of her funeral, not one but two rainbows miraculously appeared at the same time. Fast forward through life, "the rainbow" has been popping up on key moments in my life, giving me feelings of strength and even confirmation at times. 

I got married in september 2017 after being together for 10 years with the love of my life, with also having a rainbow on our wedding day. Now, 2,5 years later we unfortunately have filed for divorce which has been tough on me for obvious reasons. And with me staying in the home we have lived in together for almost 6 years, I literally hung up the clock last week and finally gave it the podium it deserves. And although I’m not sure yet about it’s location in the house right now, it already feels like a blessing seeing it at my wall every day. 

Reading your story and finding out that you are going to reproduce the other two clocks as well, I’m now thinking of maybe completing the trilogy of clocks and give them a prominent spot. Thank you for creating something beautiful and well thought out. Much love and respect.

It’s a beautiful timepiece. I keep it in my office at work and it helps me slow down and take things in when I look at it.

The only constant is change and living with this “clock” makes that easier to grasp somehow. 

Helps me live more in the present.

Every time I see it I think about how valuable it is to slow down a bit and give myself time.

It’s like a guide to appreciate the moments we are actually in.

The present helps me keep in mind that living in the moment can mean more than just this moment, this very second but to live within the depth of every season. Basically there is more time than I, we think there is.

Honestly, it’s just great. I am home a lot more often now so I get to enjoy it more than usual. :)

I kept the original card that came stuck to the back that labeled my clock number 411 out of 2000. I keep the clock right near my front door and it's an amazing conversation starter. I love it! My wife thinks I am crazy but to me it's a work of art and deserves to be treated as such!

I am happy when I see it - it is a mix of whimsy and a grounding force that helps me sort out where “I am” in the year.

How our world goes in cycles bigger than the little divisions we spend most of our lives so focused on. The Present is “big time” !

It’s a source of occasional grounding regarding “where” in the year I am now.

It’s like a compass that orients me to the long term perspective. Changes by seconds, hours, days are not as noticeable against this longer period of time.

I feel more seasonally aligned; where am I at with respect to the year if that makes sense.

It has helped us to understand the cycles of farming and when to plant. It really is most appreciated by farmers in the northeast. I look forward to many more cycles of enjoyment from The Present, thank you for making it.

It calms me. People really like it as soon as I say it's a year-long clock.

I think the present has helped me learn about pacing and the way the world unfolds.

The primary benefit has been an added dimension when thinking or reflecting on time.

I use this clock with my daughter. This and the day clock.  We use them to discuss the time of day and year.  It's simple and natural in a way other clocks are not.

Really understanding where we are in time, the year, and the day.  It removes time from the abstract to a good degree, makes time feel more real, more physical. 

With The Present Day it's soooo easy for me to indicate to my daughter so she understands that it is indeed time for bed.  She is able to see the hand dip under into the dark and she knows it's time for night. The Present Year allows us all to really slow down in time and understand how the year is passing in the natural world.  Also, both of your clocks hang in my office at work, and all of my colleagues made fun of them at first. . . but once they understood it, they appeared more in awe than anything.

It helps me think about time in a broader context and the nature of seasonality as a whole.

The primary benefit for me is a new sense of perspective. Plus it looks cool and it is fun to speak about when people ask.

It helps me see how much of the year has passed and makes me reflect on whether I'm accomplishing what I want to do that year. It’s not a task master clock though, I think of it as a tool to pace my life in a more realistic manner. 

I’ve learned that there really is a need to be able to measure time in ways beyond what we have on our phones or watches.

It helps us all value our time with more depth. 

I do a lot of zoom calls with the clock in the background. A lot of people ask about it. It's nice to do a quick show and tell with the clock so that’s what I like the most. It’s definitely unique!

I like having the Present in my art studio, it has made me stop to consider the speed at which a year moves. For me it doesn’t make the year faster or slower, it really is just a tool that helps me pause and appreciate the moment in which I’m standing. Articles and concepts of mindfulness are wonderful, but The Present wraps all of it into a simple yet profound solitary image. 

I’ve become more curious about the relationship of temperature cycles to each seasonal solstice. Learning more about the way the planet heats and cools is fascinating. I feel more connected to the natural flow of time.

It sits across from the chair where I do my journaling in the morning.  Looking at it as I start the day is a centering touchpoint for me.

It’s a way of appreciating that time is fluid as opposed to strictly divided into minutes and seconds.

We find it to be a subtle reminder to slow down, and sometimes to contemplate the nature of time or jumpstart philosophical conversations. I’ve also given it as a gift several times and it has always been well received.

The primary benefit is the knowledge that we live in larger cycles than most people realize.

It’s all about slowing down to enjoy each season.

I bought one of the first The Present clocks, and have one at home, as well as given two as a meaningful "once in a lifetime" gift for the closest of friends, and just purchased a new one for a working space.

The impact of having a ThePresent clock in a visible area is subtle and profound. With one glance, one feels more connected to the seasons and earth and reminds us of our bigger goals as well as the value of right now in the bigger scheme of things.

I think gazing at it periodically, instead of at an "am I late" clock, adds up to a healthier mind and a connection with time. Even simple things like explaining to our young children when gardening season begins or when birthdays happen using an 'annual' clock has made the yearly rhythm around the sun more tangible and less abstract than with a calendar.

As for the item itself it is very well crafted. The metal polish and finish are smooth and clean, and the spherical curved glass is a unique feature which overlays to the face of the clock a reflection of the area. It looks great from the front, or side-on due to the depth of the Present clock itself which gives depth to the view. 

In addition to my first edition purchase, I have also purchased The Present Day recently for a professional high-end location. Our visitors all think it is a $1000 or more item due to the uniqueness and quality.

Just wanted to take the time and congratulate you on a beautifully executed functional piece of art. I received my clock a few months ago, and I really do enjoy waking up to it in my bedroom. 

I thought that I would enjoy it most on weekends when I’m fully in control of my own time. But I almost enjoy it more on work days; it calms me to realize that it really is only a fraction of my day/life. Congratulations again!

I am the very proud owner of The Present Year, Day and desk clock of The Present Day.

I’ve also given them as gifts for my husband’s office. He is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and works on research involving suicide and violence prevention. 

He has said many times that your work has opened up valuable and important discussions about perception, time, and even accountability with his patients. 

Once one looks at something using a different paradigm, one does not conceive of it in the same way again. Ever. Open perception and you open possibility. Thank you for your art. 

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