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Living with The Present

The first 1000 editions of The Present shipped in the spring of 2013. 

7,200 timepieces are "on" in 42 countries.

The following text is feedback from owners over the years.




ThePresent helps me work out where "I am" in time.




In a way it connects me with the cycle of life.




Whenever I need some perspective from the hectic day, I turn to The Present




It gives a better sense of the flow of annual time. It's also a great conversation piece.  People are always impressed. It has allowed me to appreciate more fully our connection with the sun. Being in the now is a great gift - a present!




Articles and concepts are wonderful, but The Present wraps all of it into a simple yet profound solitary image.




I ordered the Present through Kickstarter because I had just gotten a new job in a windowless basement office.  I lost/escaped that job before the Present arrived.  But since then I have worked mostly from home, often from my basement.  So it continues to fulfill its original intended purpose to provide a window to the cycles of nature in a windowless environment.




I love colors, so being able to see the full spectrum makes me happy.



My 2 kids were born shortly after I got the clock 7 years ago. Both of them grew up seeing the present every day so for them it's completely normal to see the current season on a clock. It made it easy for us to teach them the full extent of a yearly timespan and they exactly know where their birthdays are located on the clock face.




It really helps my kids understand when key dates in the year are like nothing else can.




When I got the Present, I was a little skeptical. Within a few days it had already made a profound difference in my life. I had been trapped between the feelings that there was never enough time in the day and that there will always be tomorrow.  Neither actually being true. 

It gave me an appreciation of what could be accomplished over the course of a few days, weeks, and eventually months and  seasons of persistence. It was so simple yet so radical.





From an owner who has lived with The Present for seven years now


I would be lost without this as a constant.

I love this piece because I am consistently reminded of the bigger picture.

This timepiece is an embodiment of the concept of the individual in relation to the collective. It's a measurement of time (and progress) that forces me to think more holistically.

It's not "Oh, it's 8:15 and I have to get the kids to school". It's more like: Where are we in the cycle of the planet? What has happened over the past few months? What needs to happen now, and how might that impact the rest of the year? Or, the rest of the world, for that matter?

It's akin to my old therapy sessions, where my therapist would point out things and say something like: "A couple years ago, you said "x" and now you do "y". Do you see how you've changed and grown?"

This timepiece brings me a sense of calm, of knowing that the world is bigger than me. That things will happen whether or not I am alive, or think I'm in control, or whether or not I even do something, or lose someone I love. Life keeps going...it does not end with us, nor care if we check off everything on our "to-do" list that day. It just is. Here. Now.

The timepiece is of special assistance at all times, I would just add a hearty THANK YOU for making it. It's one of my favorite things.





Meditative Functional Art, Classy, Decorative yet Zen


From   Seattle, WA

I bought one of the first The Present clocks, and have one at home, as well as given two as a meaningful "once in a lifetime" gift for closest of friends, and just purchased a new one for a working space.

The impact of having a ThePresent clock in a visible area is subtle and profound. With one glance, one feels more connected to the seasons and  earth  and reminds us of our bigger goals as well as the value of right now in the bigger scheme of things.  

I think gazing at it periodically, instead of at an "am I late" clock, adds up to a healthier mind and a connection with time. Even simple things like explaining to our young children when gardening season begins or when birthdays happen using an 'annual' clock   has made the yearly rhythm around the sun more tangible and less abstract than with a calendar.

As for the item  itself  it is very well crafted. The metal polish and finish are smooth and clean, and the  spherical  curved glass is a unique feature which overlays to the face of the clock a reflection of the area. It looks great from the front, or side-on due to the depth of the Present clock itself which gives depth to the view.  

In addition to my first edition purchase, I have also purchased a new one (and a Today) recently for a professional high-end location. Our visitors all think it is a $1000 or more item due to the uniqueness and quality.





Just wanted to take the time and congratulate you on a beautifully executed functional piece of art. I received my clock a few months ago, and I really do enjoy waking up to it in my bedroom. 

I thought that I would enjoy it most on  weekends  when I’m fully in control of my own time. But I almost enjoy it more on work days; it calms me to realize that it really is only a fraction of my day/life. 

Congratulations again, 

  ~ Kayla




Dear Scott, 

I now am the very proud owner of The Present, Today, and Today desk clock. 

The Present and the Today desk clock found their way to my husband’s office. He is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and works on research involving suicide and violence prevention. 

Your work has opened up valuable and important discussions about perception, time, and even accountability. 

Once one looks at something using a different paradigm, one does not conceive of it in the same way again. Ever.  Open perception and you open possibility

Thank you for your art. 

Sincerely yours, 


(I refused to allow him to take my Today wall clock to his office… I need to have your work near me as I watch the day turn.  And at  3 am , when I can’t sleep and am wandering the house with my little kitty at my heels, it reminds me that it is not  3am , it is a moment in a turn of the earth.) 





It helps me not care so much about exactly what time it is but more what season of life I am in.




Opened up a conversation with my toddler about the orbit of the earth, the solstices and equinoxes, and following the seasons.




It helps me to appreciate time more often. It's also a perfect conversation starter and it just looks awesome on the center spot of my kitchen wall since 7 years




It tells me and reminds me of the time - not our usual human time measured in hours, but what's the time for Earth.





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You begin to see the day in a whole new light. -    TECHCRUNCH


Thrift has transformed time telling into a thing of beauty.   -    My Modern Met


A simple perspective shift that can change how you think about your waking hours in a way that makes it seem like you've been magically handed more time. -    AIGA


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