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Selected Press for TODAY

WIRED “This 24-Hour Clock will help you slow down.”

HUFFINGTON POST "Today is a revolutionary gift to the world."

MY MODERN MET “Thrift has transformed time telling into a thing of beauty.”

MENTAL FLOSS “Time seems to move slower.”

COOLHUNTING “An intuitive clock that focuses on the day as a whole.”

FAST COMPANY  “Designed for a new generation of worker.”

YAHOO NEWS “Redesigns the way you measure time.”

DESIGN MILK “A completely new way to look at time.”

TECHCRUNCH “You begin to see the day in a whole new light.” 

AIGA - EYE ON DESIGN "Today is a simple but effective perspective shift that can change how you think about your waking hours in a way that makes it seem like you've been magically handed more time."

BUZZFEED  “Impossibly pretty.”